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AutoLogix 8356 Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner Reviews

AutoLogix 8356 Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner Reviews

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AutoLogix 8356 Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner

AutoLogix 8356 Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner
  • Black spinning knob with heavy duty clamp
  • Easy to install
  • Fits most steering wheels
Allison Corporation 8356 Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner

Precio de lista: $ 4.15 Precio: $ 4.15

What customers say about AutoLogix 8356 Heavy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner Reviews?

  1. 245 of 268 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    A Helpful Word on Spinners, May 11, 2006
    Toad (Indiana) –

    Spinners 101

    Rather than write a review and give this spinner a rating based on experience with this product, I think it would be more helpful to educate those who might be interested in buying a spinner for the first time. It may also be helpful in choosing what is best in regards to application, driving and safety. Therefore, the rating of 3 stars will be given as I have used this style along with all styles, each one being different. In any case they can be a true blessing if you’ve never used one and very addictive. It will impress your friends and puzzle others.

    Mechanically speaking, spinners have been around for ages, even centuries. It has been learned that any wheel-type control can be used more effectively by using a free turning right angle device attached to the control. This gives more leverage and quicker turning response. Think of how easier it is to reel-up a garden hose with a spinner than without one. Being a natural mechanical invention, spinners have been found on some of the earliest automobiles not to mention other types of vehicles. For the most part, spinners are found in commercial use ranging from farm tractors to forklifts. With a forklift, a spinner in combination with rear turning wheels allows for fast and accurate maneuvering in confined spaces. In use on an automobile/truck, especially where there’s no power steering, they become an essential aid in parking, docking and making sharp turns. With power steering they make the task even more simplified. However, in all cases their use is done at very slow speeds. This brings up safety.

    Are spinners safe to drive with? No. They are safe only when used safe. At any form of speed, driving conditions occur that require a smooth execution in the turning of the wheel. One of the first things I was taught in racing, was the driver and the car have to be bonded. In doing so, both hands must be on the wheel to obtain the true feel of the road. If you have just one hand on a spinner then you’ve lost that feel. Since the spinner makes steering quicker and more agile, turning the wheel can be jerky. This is most noticed going into a turn, but can become dangerous when having to swerve. An unexpected swerve with a spinner may cause you to lose control. Another problem that often presents itself, is the spinner can get in the way if you release the wheel for a turning recovery and don’t allow enough room for the spinner before taking the wheel. It is true, that with lots of practice and experience a person can drive with a spinner reasonably well. I have used a spinner on and off since the 50s, still I prefer to only apply it mostly within parking and city driving. And too, it’s safer for those who have a habit of «palming» the wheel.

    How about application? Spinners should be installed on the steering wheel as tight as possible. With this in mind, if you install a spinner it is somewhat of a commitment. If removed, there’s a good chance it will leave very noticeable marks. Even those with a slight cushion can damage the appearance which brings up padded wheels. Regardless how it’s clamped, there can be no give that would allow the spinner to twist. Therefore, with padded wheels the spinner has to be clamped even tighter. I have a spinner on a late model Cadillac and had to tighten it considerably more than on a hard wheel.

    What’s the best position? Basically, whatever you prefer. The two most common are 10 o’clock (left-handed) and 2 o’clock (right-handed). But, you can cross-over either way as the situation calls. This can also be said as to whether inside or outside? For me, outside is more likely to be in the way and mounted a fold down model inside. When driving with both hands on the wheel, the hand should rest under the spinner and not over it. This allows the hand to slide freely downward if needed. It also allows for a quicker action. The spinner can be taken with the thumb and index finger immediately, with the other three still on the wheel for a smooth transfer.

    So, which is the best? Of course commercial spinners with saddle clamps designed not only to secure the wheel, but clamp over the spoke and are made of hard rubber or wood. Naturally this is something that wouldn’t look good in a car, or truck for that matter. The one pictured here is a classic utility type. But, the shape of the spinner (utility, 8-ball, dice, etc.) is not as important as the material it’s made from. This brings up the custom classic.

    Suicide or Knecker-Knobs are nice compact spinners. The problem with today’s version is material. The ones I had during that time were very high quality. On my custom `55 Chevy I had a chrome plated steel spinner, with a clear pop-out cap where I could place an image of choice. However, I’ve found those today to be cheap and don’t last long. Within months you can see plastic dust around the mount…

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  2. 41 of 43 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Inexpensive Solution to One Arm Driving, May 5, 2009
    Martin A Hogan «Marty From SF» (San Francisco Bay Area) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)
    (2008 HOLIDAY TEAM)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    The Auto Barn Classic Steering Wheel Spinner is a miracle. After shoulder surgery from a ski fall, I had my right arm in a sling and could not drive my stick shift. I traded vehicles with a friend who had an automatic. The Spinner easily attaches to the steering wheel, and unlike others that use spikes to secure it to the wheel, this Spinner uses a tightening screw. It only came loose once, but the second time I was able to secure it very tightly to the steering wheel. Driving with my left arm only was a breeze. I could make any sharp or tight turns easily with the spinner holding firm to my grasp while I spun the steering wheel in either direction. It’s much safer than just driving with one arm alone.

    I confirmed with the California DMV that it was legal to drive this way. Make sure you verify with your state about one arm driving legality. When I removed the Spinner from the wheel, there was some compression dent on the wheel, but nothing serious. It would have been worse if the spinner had spikes. The retail price of the Spinner is cheap, but note that the shipping price is an additonal $6.95.


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  3. 13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Love it!, January 7, 2008
    Kikiweaves «Billy’s Mom» (Rockville, MD) –

    Not for nothing, I love my spinner. I drive a large SUV and this helps manuever any space and crazy turn I may face. Just make sure to check the screw tightness every once in a while, it does wiggle loose at times!


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