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Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver Reviews

Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver Reviews

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Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver

Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver
  • In-Dash AM/FM, CD, MP3, USB Receiver with Remote
  • Pandora Link integrates your car stereo with your iPhone and Pandora Internet Radio
  • Bluetooth Technology for hands-free phone calls and wireless music streaming
  • 2-way iPod control allows control from the iPod or the stereo
  • Variable Color Illumination button lighting
The DPX500BT is a fully-loaded high-performance double-DIN CD receiver with audio connectivity and control capabilities for music files stored on or accessed by iPhone, iPod and Android smartphones. When tethered to an enabled smartphone, it includes Pandora Internet Radio, iHeart Radio and AhaTM. The external Bluetooth microphone can be installed in an optimal position for better voice intelligibility, perfect for use with the iPhone Siri cloud-based digital assistant. A direct phonebook access key on the front panel puts the user's phone directory within easy and safe reach with a push of the single button. Three preamp outputs allow for expanded system building options, and a front panel USB port and 3.5mm auxiliary jack provide quick

Precio de lista: $ 279.99 Precio: $ 135.00

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What customers say about Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver Reviews?

  1. 95 of 99 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Solid upgrade, reasonably priced, May 17, 2013
    Amazon Customer «computer geek» (Nashville, TN USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver (Electronics)
    For close to a decade, I’ve had a Kenwood head unit in my car (an Excelon KDC-X769). It’s been a solid little radio, but the motorized faceplate irritated the hell out of me, mostly by getting amnesia about the angle I wanted it to open up to. I also wanted some more modern features, primarily built-in Bluetooth. My 2000 Nissan Maxima will take a Double-DIN unit, which led me to this radio.

    One of the advantages of upgrading from an existing Kenwood unit is that it was literally plug-and-play, using almost all of the existing connections. Get the dash apart, remove old radio, and hookup the new unit. The only thing that would not fit is the Sirius radio plug, which uses the old style of Kenwood connector. I’ve done some half-hearted searching for an adapter, but may have to buy a new Sirius radio in order to get my 1st Wave, Classic Rewind, and Big ’80s fix…

    A front-mounted Aux input (1/8″ headphone-style jack), and USB port are recessed behind a small sliding door on the lower left corner of the unit. The USB port can accomodate iPods and iPhones, along with flash drives or SD cards in a USB reader. This port is also how firmware upgrades are delivered to the unit.

    The Bluetooth integration is well done. I had no trouble pairing to my Galaxy S III phone, and the head unit will read contacts from the phone if you allow it. An included mic allows you to use your stereo as a hands free unit. The cable included is plenty long, allowing you to hide it behind carpet, kick panels, etc. Sound quality is above-average, callers told me I was clearer than I usually am on my Bluetooth headset. Choices will appear on the source menu for Pandora, IHeartRadio, and Aha radio which can be disabled if you don’t have or use some of those apps. This unit works equally well with Android or iPhone.

    As much as I like this radio, there’s plenty that bugs me too. The primary complaint is that the manual is only online, there’s only a printed Quick Start guide in the box with a QR code you can scan with your smartphone to get a URL to view or download the manual. If you download, it is ZIPped HTML files that appear to be written in Engrish. Download the manual to a tablet or laptop and keep it handy until you learn how to use the unit.

    Another annoyance is the rainbow color cycling that the display defaults to. While this color scheme would be appealing to a Harlem pimp, it’s not my cup of tea. This is easily fixed in the settings, however.

    My single biggest gripe was an issue I thought would require a firmware update to fix until a Google search showed me the solution in the online manual. By default, Bluetooth audio only plays through the front speakers. This is quite simply, F*CK*NG INSANE! At first, I thought I didn’t have the unit hooked up right…it never occured to me that there would even BE a setting for this, never mind that the factory default would be to ignore half of my speakers!!
    (URL for the setting is at

    In spite of those issues, I am very pleased with this unit, and would recommend it–if your vehicle can mount a double-DIN unit.


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  2. 68 of 72 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Solid Stereo for the Money., March 5, 2013

    This review is from: Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver (Electronics)
    This from the prospective of an «old school» car stereo guy that used to be into the big systems but now just wants good features and decent sound at a reasonable price. Sound quality of the Ford OEM stereo was good enough for me once I replaced the trucks factory speakers, but I wanted the Bluetooth/Handsfree and USB/Aux in features of this head unit. Current audio system is OEM except for the Infinity Reference 6830cs 6×8 infinity component speakers in the front doors. No subwoofers, amps, etc installed.

    The Install:
    Installation was easy for my 2006 Ford F150 with the mounting kit and wiring harness. Electrical wiring was easy, just match wire colors and connect together. You will either have to buy some butt connectors or do as I did and solder/heat shrink the connections. Only printed quick start guide included with stereo, a QR scan code in the quick start guide directs you to the HTML installation manual. Owners manual can’t be downloaded as PDF, must be viewed online as HTML. Take your phone/tablet/laptop/ipad with you to your vehicle, you’re gonna need it.

    The Bluetooth:
    Simple pairing, just search from your phone and confirm on the head unit, no PIN numbers or complicated setup sequences. Phonebook access via head unit is nice, automatically downloads once you confirm with your phone. Once paired unit stays connected/reconnects automatically to phone. Can connect up to 2 phones at the same time through blue-tooth. Only partially compatible with Android ALCATEL Authority ADR3010 from Cricket, and Sprint HTC EVO. Neither phone is listed in the known «compatible list» on Kenwood website, but the list looked like it hadn’t been updated in awhile. Initially had bad sound quality over blue-tooth, Kenwood released firmware updates on 3-7-2013 which fixed blue-tooth sound quality. FF, REW and Play/Pause functions work over Blue-tooth, but still no song/artist info on the display. I would like to hear from others who have Android phones to see what results they have had.

    Nice extras:
    Multicolor Display is nice to match or contrast factory colors, select from the included preset colors or make your own using the manual RGB settings. Has RDS for those of you who still use the radio, nice for when you hear a song on the radio and cant remember who sings it. Full control of advanced sound settings, more options than most people (myself included) will ever need.


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  3. 51 of 57 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good radio, better Android functionality than most, still not perfect, June 22, 2013
    alltheusernamesaretaken (Arcata, CA) –

    This review is from: Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver (Electronics)

    UPDATE 7/31/2013: With Android 4.3, it is now possible to stream song names to this unit over Bluetooth. Currently only the Nexus 10 and 2013 Nexus 7 have received this update, but other devices may get it eventually.

    This is a good radio overall. I got it to replace the 10-year-old system in my car. My, how technology has progressed. I chose this unit specifically because it’s supposed to work better with Android phones. Short version: It works OK. Not great, not terribly, but does most of what I need it to.

    Similar models:
    The Kenwood Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver DPX300U is just like this unit but without Bluetooth
    The Kenwood KDC-BT955HD In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA Car Stereo Receiver w/ Bluetooth, HD Radio, Pandora Control KDC-BT955HD is a 1-DIN unit that has most of the same features in a smaller body and includes a sharper 3-line display and HD Radio functionality. It does lose a lot of buttons, though, like radio presets.

    Pioneer makes a ton of similar radios, but the most directly comparable one is probably this double-DIN unit:
    Pioneer FH-X700BT In-Dash Double DIN CD/MP3/USB Car Stereo Receiver w/ Bluetooth, Pandora Link, MIXTRAX & iPod Support. It’s got Bluetooth and Pandora support, at about 60% the cost of the Kenwood model. It doesn’t have Android-specific functionality, but this Kenwood’s didn’t really work that well for me anyway. And the Pioneer has a higher-resolution display, so you can actually read text.

    The Good:
    * A lot of connectivity options (USB, Bluetooth, Aux-In)

    * Some command functions (Pandora, basic Bluetooth audio controls like play/next/prev/shuffle), supposedly iPod ones too but I don’t have one)

    * Adjustable screen & key colors to match your car’s current lighting

    * Convenient buttons for calling, phone book, and Pandora thumbing up/down

    * Nice, big volume knob.

    * Relatively clean, clear layout

    * Installation was relatively straightforward. I bought this from another website and they included a harness and all the wires. With no prior radio experience, I was able to hook everything up and install it into my car in about 1 hour myself. You can also just pay your local car stereo shop to install it for you.

    * Always-visible clock in the lower left

    The Bad:
    * Ugly as sin segmented LCD display. What is this, 1990? Why do these displays even still exist, much less find their way onto a 2013 high-end model with fancy smartphone controls? There’s not even enough resolution (about 10 characters) to display a full track title, much less all the relevant information that consumers today have grown used to such as artist, album, time remaining, etc. There is a scrolling mode, but waiting for it to s..l..o..w..l..y.. go through the information one character at a time is about as much fun as waiting for your number to come up at the DMV. On the positive side, I suppose it lets you play «Who sang that?» with your passengers.

    Some of their 1-DIN (normal height) units have a 3-line display that shows more, and it’s odd that this one doesn’t — especially considering how much more real estate it has access to. Come on, Kenwood, would it really have killed you to spend another $20 on a better display?

    * The LCD is also hard to read in direct sun. May you find shady roads to drive on.

    * It’s annoying to have to cycle through all the sources one by one (Pandora -> iHeartRadio -> aha -> CD -> Tuner -> USB -> Bluetooth -> Pandora, etc.) This takes forever. I wish they included some dedicated buttons or at least used the bottom buttons to double as source selection — and why not, since they’ve printed the logos right above the buttons already. EDIT: There’s a buried menu option in «Initial Setup», accessible from Standby mode, that lets you take unused sources out of the rotation. But it’s still annoying to have to cycle through the rest one by one.)

    * The user interface is stupidly hard to use at first. There are all sorts of unintuitive functions like «ATT» (attenuation, which lets you quickly squelch the volume and turn it back up with the same button), HPF and LPF (high-pass filter and low-pass filter, for adjusting sound frequencies), TI (I still don’t know what this is), PTY («Program Type», or Kenwood’s special way of saying «Genre», like rock,…

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