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Pioneer AVHX5700BHS DDIN/7-Inch/HD Radio/SIRIUS/BT/2 Cam

Pioneer AVHX5700BHS DDIN/7-Inch/HD Radio/SIRIUS/BT/2 Cam

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Precio: $ 480.00
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Pioneer AVHX5700BHS DDIN/7-Inch/HD Radio/SIRIUS/BT/2 Cam

Pioneer AVHX5700BHS DDIN/7-Inch/HD Radio/SIRIUS/BT/2 Cam
  • Content Browsing Support via Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Wideband Speech
  • MirrorLink Ready
  • Remote Included

Precio de lista: $ 480.00 Precio: $ 480.00

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What customers say about Pioneer AVHX5700BHS DDIN/7-Inch/HD Radio/SIRIUS/BT/2 Cam?

  1. 12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Album Art (YES), December 30, 2014
    DAB (Louisiana) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Pioneer AVHX5700BHS DDIN/7-Inch/HD Radio/SIRIUS/BT/2 Cam (Electronics)
    I am very happy with this head unit. I initially purchased a 2015 model JVC. It wouldn’t display any album art via bluetooth/pandora. It wouldn’t call out via bluetooth when trying to initiate the call from the head unit. The good news is this model Pioneer displays album art via Pandora, iPod, Sirius, USB etc. I can make phone calls initiated form the head unit and thus far when I’ve called folks they tell me it sound very clear and loud.

    I did purchase a DIYBypass, which also works great with this head unit. Video looks beautiful (no I won’t watch it while driving) Overall I think this is one of the best head units I’ve ever owned.

    One issue I did have is upgrading the firmware. I own a Mac computer and apparently Pioneer requires that the flash drive not have any files other than the firmware file. I finally had to just format the flash drive on my work PC, then add the firmware file to get it to actually upgrade. What an upgrade it was. It actually added features AppRadio, Sirius Features and overall seems to speed up the system overall. Very pleased about that.

    Update: 1/1/15

    I feel I need to update my review; I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Android version 4.4.4 I have experienced a lot of studdering out of audio on bluetooth audio and Pandora. I tried turning off anything on my phone that I thought remotely maybe causing this. Then I did some research and discovered that this version of Android seems to have bluetooth issues. I can confirm that the issue here is NOT the AVH-X5700BHS because I have connected my iPad Mini via bluetooth and it never stutters. I am very disappointed by this, but I cannot blame the head unit. For as much as I like my Note 4, I sometimes wish I would have gone with the iPhone 6 Plus. I just wanted to let you all know what I had encountered. Really wish Samsung or Google would fix this issue on the Note 4.

    Update: 1/2/15

    Here is another update, come to find out if you leave the Galaxy Note 4’s display on the stuttering bluetooth completely goes away. It seems that when the display goes to sleep, the Note 4 goes into some sort of reduced power mode and this also impacts processor thereby causing the stuttering. I am not really a fan of leaving my display on as this will greatly impact battery life. I did download a little program (Keep Screen on Free) that will allow for this.

    MirrorLink, thus far I have not been able to get MirrorLink to work, this isn’t really a big deal to me, though I think this issue needs to be resolved because this is likely a big draw for most Android phone owners. I was told there is an adapter that is required, but I have no way of confirming that information.

    Overall, I am still loving this head unit. I plan to keep it!


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  2. 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Mirrorlink works great, January 11, 2015
    Dan Haman «dh» (Kansas) –

    This review is from: Pioneer AVHX5700BHS DDIN/7-Inch/HD Radio/SIRIUS/BT/2 Cam (Electronics)

    Installed a couple of weeks ago, and have had a little while to play with the stereo…will update again the more I use it. Overall, I like the stereo alot, hence the 5 star rating, but just wanted to point out some of the things I’ve found out that you might not think about. To be fair, I don’t know that other stereos don’t also have these issues, or others, or that some are due to the adaptor, brake bypass, etc. I’ve installed along with the stereo.

    I installed this in an 06 Durango w/ stock Alpine sound system (factory amp and speakers). I installed using the PAC RP4-CH11 adaptor ( which allows me to retain the factory amp and speakers along with the steering controls. This adaptor will also allow me to return the vehicle to stock should I decide to sell it in the future. The firmware update is supposed to add some utility to the idatalink maestro adaptor, so that may also be worth looking at. I also installed the DIY brake bypass ( so that my passengers can use the stereo while I’m driving. The bypass works as advertised, I have yet to find any functions that I am incapable of accessing.

    – Does just about anything you could expect
    – Very reasonably priced before adaptors, etc.
    – Mirrorlink [edited 1 Feb: I would remove this from the list as a Pro]

    CONs (all minor):
    – Would have much preferred a volume knob
    – Would like more usability for the MIXTRAX function

    Overall Sound Quality
    The stereo sounds much better with this head unit. It may be due to the equalizer built into the pioneer stereo or a higher voltage output into the amp, I’m not sure, but it does sound better than the stock. The equalizer is pretty nice and has some decent stock presets, and allows you to create two more custom preset curves for your musical tastes, but as with most touchscreen type interfaces, it takes several button pushes to adjust the response curve for fine tuning.

    DVD playback
    No issues with DVD playback at all, seems to work just fine, all the controls seem fairly intuitive.

    HD Radio
    It takes a few moments for HD radio stations to ID themselves as such, and then to get to the additional channels, you have to tune up again. Tuning too soon causes the radio to station to change. If you set an HD2 station as a preset, there seems to be a couple of seconds of pause before playing. This may just be the first time you tune to the station, not sure.

    I like the bluetooth compatibility, although it takes a little bit for the stereo to load the phone’s contacts when I first get into the car. I recently saved a few contacts into favorites, so this may not be a problem for me now. The calls seem to be very clear on both sides of the call. I haven’t really used the voice function to make calls yet. Of note, when the phone is hooked up the usb cable, and a call is made using mirrorlink, it seems to also be just as clear.

    [edited 1 Feb: For some reason, I’ve had to re-sync my phone to the stereo every time I start the car. The stereo attempts to auto-sync, but it doesn’t seem to work. It was working fine before, not sure what happened. Also, don’t know if it’s an issue with the phone or the stereo. I’ll continue to monitor.]

    This may be more to due with my particular cell phone (HTC M8 One) than anything else, but I love the mirrorlink function. I can use music apps that I’m already familiar with (mixzing app), and it appears that I will be able to use Navigation without purchasing the Pioneer add-on piece. I’ll continue to play with this function, but basically, it mirrors what your cell phone displays on its screen. I think it uses a default vehicle based menu, but it seems to allow the addition of any app on your phone. Not too sure what apps would be useful to add, maybe I’ll look into a music app with a spectrum analyzer.

    **One thing of note, it’s not terribly intuitive how to modify the volume on Mirrorlink (and the first time I used it the music was blaring from the app). Because it allows you to mix functions, like using navigation from mirrorlink, while listening to another source (HD Radio, etc.), you might have music playing from your phone and the radio at the same time, also. To disable the radio as a source (so you will only hear the music from your phone, etc.) and to be able to adjust the volume of the app with the stereo’s volume control, you will need to hit the volume up or down button, and then buttons on the right pop up to provide an option to turn off the radios source or adjust the app volume. If you turn off the radio source audio, then the unit’s volume controls will now control the app volume. Sorry if this isn’t clear, its…

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  3. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Things you will need, January 15, 2015

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Pioneer AVHX5700BHS DDIN/7-Inch/HD Radio/SIRIUS/BT/2 Cam (Electronics)
    If you want this to work right on your gmc or Silverado 07 and up you will need to buy a Axxess GMOS-LAN-01 LAN OnStar Interface for Non-Amplified Systems and they come with a antenna adapters if this is not the one for you then you will need to look up the right one that you need with Amplified system this took me forever to get right but everything works great


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