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Pyle PLDN74BTI Double DIN TFT Touchscreen, 7-Inch Reviews

Pyle PLDN74BTI Double DIN TFT Touchscreen, 7-Inch Reviews

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Pyle PLDN74BTI Double DIN TFT Touchscreen, 7-Inch

Pyle PLDN74BTI Double DIN TFT Touchscreen, 7-Inch
  • DVD/VCD/MPEG4/MP3/CD/CD-RW Compatible - Auto Store/Preset Scan - Resolution: 1440 x 234 Pixels: Brightness: 200 cd/m2 - LO/DX & ST/MO Selector - Selectable View Angle - Rear Camera Output, Parking Video Input
  • Motorized Slide Down Front Panel - AM/FM-MPX 2 Band Radio - On screen Display: Title. Time, Chapter, Subtitle - Repeat/Intro/Random - A/V Input & A/V Output - 320 Watts (4 x 80W)
  • Treble/Bass/Balance/Fader/Encoder Volume - 30 Station Memory (18FM /12AM) - Double-DIN Chassis - Clock Function, Mute Control - SD/MMC Card, USB Connector - Last Position Memory
  • PLL Synthesizer Tuner - Built-In 7"(16:9) TFT Color Monitor - PAL/NTSC Color System - RCA Line Out, Preset EQ - Direct iPod/iPhone Connection Cable - Selectable USA/Europe Radio Frequency
  • Bluetooth A2DP Support - Touch Screen Control Operation - Anti-Shock Mechanism-ESP Function - Subwoofer Output - Wireless Remote Control - Dimensions: 7.26" x 4.08" x 6.36"
This multimedia touch-screen head-unit from Pyle is packed with features for the ultimate in-car entertainment system! The motorized, slide-down front panel reveals a 7" widescreen TFT monitor with a 1440 x 324 resolution for maximum quality. This unit has an AM/FM tuner and plays CDs, DVDs, VCDs, and MPEG4s from SD cards and USB sticks. It’s also got a direct iPod/iPhone connection cable for a high-quality link between your favorite player and this head unit. And it’ll play music from a Bluetooth-equipped media player. Includes 30 radio station presets, anti-shock mechanism ESP function, and treble/bass/balance/fader control. A remote control gives you total wireless control of your headunit. With 320 watts total output (4 x 80 W), you

Precio de lista: $ 477.99 Precio: $ 477.99

What customers say about Pyle PLDN74BTI Double DIN TFT Touchscreen, 7-Inch Reviews?

  1. 202 of 218 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    PLDN74BTI, July 18, 2011

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Pyle PLDN74BTI Double DIN TFT Touchscreen, 7-Inch (Electronics)
    I have had this product some time now,it IS actually a good product,bluetooth connects seamlessly,but do note,if you have a password and or lock on your phone you will need to re connect manually everytime.I would suggest the Metra harness kit (minor research at the Metra website will identify your needs quickly),also get the surround kit too,mine is in a 2006 F150 Lariat,wife enjoys watching movies when we go on long journeys,dont advocate it to everyone but earth the brake wire to the unit or neagative and will play while driving.Just saying is all.Now it IS a basic unit so dont expect to download pictures or the like,no background choices and boring display when in radio or cd mode,but ipod works very well as do the headrest monitors those you can buy from Amazon also at a way low price for a pair,equally simple to install………………to finish,for the price point it is a good basic or starter unit.You cannot integrate a cd changer with this unit,it is designed for single use,however there is always ways to add on,I run a multi DVD changer on this and will add a Game Cube too.
    November 27th 2011…………………..This is an update on this unit,this now lives in a second vehicle and is still going strong,since day one I have had no problems with this unit,I do ALOT of off roading and it takes alot to make this unit «skip»,still plays dvd’s just fine,still running 2x headrest monitors too,again,without problems no longer have a game cube on this unit,no other reason than its on loan to my friend who has two squabbling sons and she appreciates the silence from the backseat!!!!There is only the SLIGHTEST of ghosting on fast paced games, barely noticable…………still run the dvd changer on this unit too,I stand by my initial assessment,this IS a basic unit but reading reviews of much higher $$$$ units,this was and still is a GREAT buy…………….May 2012……….unit now resides in a Bronco(made a cage to hold it),STILL going strong,not sure,reading other reviews,if I got the best one ever made,but I REALLY have had no trouble with this unit at all and still works as well as it did when it first came out the box!Update………….Aug 2012,sorry to those who asked questions,I am not being rude just am really BAD a checking questions.I apologise.The unit is still running strong and reading other reviews from others less happy,I must have got a great one,I havent had one problem with any functions and still works as good as they first day it went into the first vehicle.I have installed these now into numerous other vehicles for other people and havent had any issue save with one but the warranty doesnt cover a 5 year old pushing a lollipop stick into the CD slot!!!!!!!Once removed and a cd cleaner inserted seems to be working fine.
    August 27th 2012………..still going strong,no issues.
    April 23rd 2013………….unit is still working well,had to put a cleaner disc in it in March as it started jumping.After cleaning disc was used,back to working with no issues.January 14th 2014………..unit still functioning well,did have issue with the faceplate motor but a quick read online,took the top outer case off,applied light silicone grease on the guide arms and cogs(used for electronics like cogs etc on these units)put the case back on and runs like a top again.Still very pleased with this basic unit.
    Its now October 2014 and the unit is still working fine,its looking old now(wear on buttons)but still plays DVD’s without a problem,motor on screen when opening became erratic a couple months ago so pulled it out opened the top case and re greased (very fine silicone grade)the cogs(only plastic)re assembled and has been fine since.I occasionally read other reviews and am sorry to read others have problems with this unit as I really haven’t had any problems other than re greasing really.I am surprised myself that it has worked aslong as it has especially with little hands involved!Cant answer for reception problems alongchannels as this has always played clearly with no distortion.


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  2. 121 of 137 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great for the price, August 2, 2011

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Pyle PLDN74BTI Double DIN TFT Touchscreen, 7-Inch (Electronics)
    I use to have a pioneer avic z1 that was $2k or so new until it was stolen out of my car. For $200 bucks this is not a replacement of what that did, but it is great for the price. The tv clarity is good, but you better have some tinted windows and make the brightness 100% to see anything at day time. Very capable of viewing from different angles and at night time, competes with said pioneer. the radio works fine and i use the remote so i can get to my presets and turn off the display. The display is very blue and quite annoying and cheap looking. The touchscreen works well, the BT is nice as it loads up the phone once the car is started and will allow you to play pandora wirelessly. Sound is good for music, the eq doesnt seem to offer to much range, but it did make me realize i have a stock subwoofer in the trunk. there are a couple of input/output cables for more tv’s/ps3 etc. that is nice. ive yet to use any of the other options.

    I recommend this for people who would like tv (and add some headrest tvs), BT, and not want to pay for the high end equipment. If i had the money and a garage again, I would go with a pioneer, but since what I have is street parking and lots of bills, this does a great job.

    PS – Make sure you buy the harness and installation kit right away so you dont have to go around shopping for it later, like this one dumb guy i know


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  3. 43 of 49 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Gets the job done, a good unit, January 20, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Pyle PLDN74BTI Double DIN TFT Touchscreen, 7-Inch (Electronics)
    I saw this on amazon and the price was so good I couldn’t pass it up….per then description it does everything I wanted it to do. Bluetooth capability, iPod/iPhone connectivity, plays DVDs and video files, rear camera hook up, aux capability, has SD card slot…it’s great right? Well I can say with confidence that this product meets expectations. I almost went with a pioneer which cost a good bit more but was trying to stay on a budget since this did everything the pioneer unit I was looking at did minus the flashy screen savers and background image capability.

    Some notes about this unit:

    DIM SCREEN easy fix:
    I read alot of complaints about the screen being to dim in other reviews about this unit…yes this is the case initially when watching videos and movies. What you have to do is hit the OSD button on the supplied remote control while watching your media and you can then adjust the brightness…press OSD again to also adjust contrast and color. Until you do this, you will not be able to watch movies as the screen is way to dark. The initial setting for all these is 50. I turned most everything up to 65-75

    Oh and remember to take off the clearish film that comes on the screen. I didn’t for the first few days but noticed a big difference after removing it….funnily enough I didn’t see it on there until a friend pointed it out, and the screen looked much better after removal.

    This is where I had to knock off a star for this unit. My radio sounds horrible now, very Staticy. However, having a smart phone negates this. Just get a radio app that picks up local stations and play it through your Bluetooth. Problem solved so no big deal

    works very well, auto syncs after being turned on I love this feature and is the main reason I purchased this unit…my music is crisp and clear I could not be happier. I just wish my music library and playlists would show up along with the contacts and call info.

    works as intended, gives options for regular view and mirror view which I thought was nice

    Works as intended, no hiccups or loud noises from inside unit

    I have an iPhone 5, the cord that comes with this unit is not compatible, however works great with my ipad 2. Everything shows up on the screen without having to access the ipad itself.

    Something else I noticed….the system defaults to making a ‘beep’ sound whenever you press a button or function and reacts sluggish. I found turning this beep off in the settings greatly increased the response time after you press a button, this is a must if you ask me.

    Overall this unit does exactly what it says. The interface is very minimal and very blue but honestly I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not having pretty backgrounds and screen savers. You MUST use the remote control to access most of customization features this unit does offer.

    I would recommend this unit.

    As a side note, I drive a 2000 Toyota Celica GT…if you own this type of car and get this unit, you are going to have to cut away some of your dash unit to make it fit…doesn’t look horrible, but just something to be aware of. I purchased a metra dash kit along with this, looks great.


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