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Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – 16 oz., 2 Pack

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – 16 oz., 2 Pack

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Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment - 16 oz., 2 Pack

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment - 16 oz., 2 Pack
  • 2 Pack Value Pack
  • 100 percent pure petroleum
  • EPA registered product
  • Liquefies gum and varnish deposits or internal engine contaminants
  • Special Shipping Information: This item cannot be returned and has additional shipping restrictions
Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a 100 percent pure petroleum product that safely and effectively cleans internal fuel and oil system components, helping your gasoline or diesel engine run cleaner and more efficiently. Sea Foam is an EPA-registered product, and will not harm engine components, seals, gaskets, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Liquefies gum and varnish deposits or internal engine contaminants, removing carbon deposits, freeing sticky valve lifters and rings, improving idle quality, pinging and hesitation problems. By using Sea Foam to eliminate varnish and carbon buildup, mechanics can more accurately diagnose mechanical problems that may exist. That is why Sea Foam has been so popular with professional mechanics for over 6

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What customers say about Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment – 16 oz., 2 Pack?

  1. 261 of 280 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The best product you will ever buy!, November 15, 2005
    T. Vickerman «Tom V.» (Long Beach, MS) –

    I have a ’92 Ford F-150 4.9L I6 with 135K on it. The idle was a little rough and the power was a little lack-luster, but that’s really what I expected from a 13-year old truck. After a while, I started getting a knock that really impacted performance. The only way I could keep the knock at bay was to run 92 octane gas, which was really getting expensive. I went into the local auto parts store to look for some type of cleaner, when the employee said that Sea Foam would solve all my problems and told me that I could get my money back if it didn’t. Very skeptical of his claims, I bought it anyhow to give it a try. With the engine hot I put the first 1/3 of the can into the large brake booster vacuum line slowly at first, then sucked as much in as quickly as possible until the engine stalled. I replaced the vacuum line and waited for about 15 minutes and started it up. It started a little hard at first being flooded with the Sea Foam, but while revving the gas, it soon ran very smooth and started to smoke like that old movie «Uncle Buck». I made an unbelievable smoke screen that literally shut down Beach Blvd on the MS Gulf Coast for about five minutes! The motor in the old Ford suddenly began to idle perfectly and throttle response was amazing. I then added 1/3 of the can to the oil fill hole in the valve cover and the rest in the gas tank (as instructed on the can). Within about 10 minutes all the lifters were silent and the motor ran as perfect and as powerful as it did the day that it rolled off the assembly line! I now run it on 87 octane gas with no knock whatsoever, so the savings at the pump has paid for the can of Sea Foam many times over. After cleaning all the carbon out of the motor with Sea Foam, the only thing that smokes now are the tires!


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  2. 157 of 169 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The ONLY Cleaner that Worked for Me, January 22, 2011

    I have a 1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 that had ~144,000 miles on it. The idle was very rough and noisy, and the engine wasn’t as smooth as it should have been in general, especially at lower engine speeds. The problem was so bad that the engine would almost stall at idle after first being started.

    I tried Lucas «Upper Cyclinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner», and it didn’t seem to help at all. Then I put a full 20-oz bottle of Chevron Techron through the fuel tank, and it also seemed to do nothing. In each case, the product was used as directed, and the car was driven until the fuel level was very low. That is, I didn’t refill the fuel tank and dilute the product in either case. In the past, I’ve also used other brands of fuel system and fuel injector cleaners, including Gumout and STP. None of these products seemed to have the slightest effect.

    Finally, and extremely skeptical, I tried Sea Foam Motor Treatment. I put a full 16-oz bottle in the fuel tank after filling up. The improvement was dramatic and immediate. The engine ran much more smoothly and quietly than before. The engine no longer idled like a diesel farm tractor. I was extremely surprised, but still skeptical, because I wasn’t sure if it had actually cleaned anything, or if it was simply helping because it was being burned with the fuel. So, I withheld judgment until the fuel tank had been driven to near-empty and refilled, meaning that the amount of Sea Foam left in the fuel would be negligible.

    This was no placebo effect. Even after refueling, the car ran much better than it did before. It now idles more nicely than my Hyundai, which still seems bizarre to me. I am extremely pleased, which doesn’t happen often, trust me. I’ll be putting a can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment through my fuel tanks before every oil change from now on.

    My other car, a Hyundai Sonata, had an annoying ticking sound when it would idle, especially when cold. I would have described the sound as a «lifter tick», but I’m not sure what it was–a sticking valve? I don’t know; I’m no mechanic. I added the recommended amount of Sea Foam to the crankcase, and the sound went away immediately, or nearly so. I’ve since changed the oil in that car, and the sound has not returned.

    Some people criticize Sea Foam based on its age. I find these criticisms ridiculous–as if «older» equates with «worse». Do these people ever address the actual chemistry of the product, or provide actual reasons for their disapproval? No, they just complain about how long it’s been around.

    Sea Foam made me a believer. Very highly recommended!


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  3. 79 of 92 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Works too well., June 12, 2011
    O. King «D Online freak» (Washington State) –

    I wish I had not told a, now former, co-worker about this product. He had an old diesel Mercedes sedan. The car was not running well, smoking, sputtering, etc. I looked at it and told him how to use the product to save the car. He took his time getting around to it and almost sold it to me for 300 dollars. I then asked him if he had used Seafoam yet. He told me no. Was going to sell the car to me in 2 weeks. He then asked me how to use it. I told him to buy 2 cans, replace the fuel filter (spin on type for diesels), and fill it with Seafoam then install. Then take the rest the rest of the first bottle and dump into fuel tank if empty go to fuel station and re-fill then add second bottle or if full already add the rest of the first bottle and then the whole second bottle.

    He did that, it ran so well he would not sell it to me after that. He told me it ran better then when he had bought it. It also caused the gunk in his tank to free up and plug his fuel lines requiring a tank removal and cleaning. After that it ran like a champ.

    I use it in motorcycles to avoid rebuilding the carburetor(s). I add one FULL can to the tank. Yes I know it’s only a 5 gallon tank but it works.

    I’ve seen it used on a VW Bug that had been sitting for a few (5?) years it was used to flush the carburetor and then in the fuel tank with fresh gasoline. It cleaned out the tank so fast that the fuel filter plugged up and stalled the car out on the side of the road on the first run.

    I also use it to help flush an engine before an oil change, I use it to clean out carburetors when I do rebuild them, and thinking about using it for an ‘on the fly’ engine cleaning/smoke screen system.

    I’ve used it to flush the stale oil out of a motorcycle it seems to have cleaned the clutch plates up and made them grab better but that might have been just in my mind.

    It’s not a cure-all but if you understand how to use it it works great.


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