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Superior 58-0700B Superskin Steering Wheel Cover, Genuine Leather, Size «C», Black Reviews

Superior 58-0700B Superskin Steering Wheel Cover, Genuine Leather, Size «C», Black Reviews

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Superior 58-0700B Superskin Steering Wheel Cover, Genuine Leather, Size "C", Black

Superior 58-0700B Superskin Steering Wheel Cover, Genuine Leather, Size
  • Covers worn, unsighly steering wheels giving them a new luxurious appearance
  • Worth the time to install for a beautiful OEM look
  • Kit Contains: (1) Genuine Leather SuperSkin Cover, (1) Thread Pack, (2) Leather Sewing Needles,
  • (1) Installation Instruction Sheet for three sewing patterns (cross stitch, slant stitch, and straight stitch)
  • See the size chart in the photos to choose the best size for your steering wheel
Our SuperSkin Genuine Leather Sew-On Steering Wheel Skin Cover instantly enhances the look of most steering wheels and complements all interiors. When installed, it adds the look of luxury to old or damaged steering wheels. Our covers reduce the feel of road vibrations while ensuring a firm grip for added safety. Your steering wheel surface will feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This SuperSkin Cover is hand crafted from selected skins of top grain leather. Our skins are carefully examined for feel, finish, softness, and elasticity. The leather skins are then matched for evenness in texture, color, durability, and thickness.

Precio de lista: $ 25.03 Precio: $ 17.00

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What customers say about Superior 58-0700B Superskin Steering Wheel Cover, Genuine Leather, Size «C», Black Reviews?

  1. 234 of 236 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    How bad to you want leather?, February 6, 2013
    B. Long

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Having factory leather wrapped steering wheels on our other vehicles, I was very interested in getting one for a recent truck purchase however buying an OEM one way going to be far too expensive because of the airbag R and R. So, I spent a fair amount of time reading reviews for this and other wraps, as well as watching install videos. At the end of the research phase I concluded that the expensive wraps were not any better than the low-mid priced ones, the install would take time, and that I should keep my expectations in check – it is not going to look like a factory wrap.

    This product arrived as expected. Black, some texture, 2 needles, and plenty of thread. The thread is more of a thin woven cord. Some reported problems with breaking needles. Past experience with needles and canvas has taught me that needles do not break unless you try and bend them. I kept that in mind and did not break either needle.

    Some reviews say to use an awl or nail to open the holes prior to installation. If you have ever created a new hole in a leather belt, you know this will not give you the desired result. Instead, I put a VERY small drill bit in my Dremel and hit each hole; just a quick in and out. This does pull reveal a small amount of natural color around the holes, but it is a small compromise if you do not want to fight the needle. The hole must be small enough so the needle still drags when pulling through, but open enough so you do not need pliers, gloves, or a thimble. When done, you can hit the holes with a little black shoe polish if they bother you. Mine does not bother me at all (posting some photos).

    I used the cross stitch, a curved pick to pull the cord tight from time to time, and spring clamps to keep the sewn part from loosening while I continued my work. In the end it took 2 hours 45 minutes including the time it took to ream the holes. The install looks great, not factory, but I think about as good as an aftermarket install is going to get. I do NOT have bubbles around the spokes, and the sizing was near perfect. It could have been a bit smaller as the seam wanted to bulge slightly in a few spots, but the product is intended to fit a range of sizes. The seam was easily flattened by putting the spring clamp on it for a few seconds. 1 hole was off. I remedied this by simply running through the hole with 2 passes to even out the stitching. I also used a small amount of super glue to ensure the knot would not come undone (tuck the knot in as per the direction, then I let a couple of drop of glue go into the seam above the knot). I did deduct one star for the small holes as the manufacture knows what needles that are providing.

    My tips: Drill out the holes if you do not want to use pliers. Do not bend the needles and they will not break. Get at least 1 spring clamp and a curved (hook) pick. Use the spring clamp to hold your work in place, and the pick to pull the cord tight. Make sure you do not pierce the original steering wheel, new leather, or cord (you can round off the pick tip with a file if it is new and pointed). Take your time. Do about 6 cross stitches then tighten, clamp, and repeat. Follow the tip that someone else posted about the spokes – go one hole past where you think you should stop, but this also means start one hole sooner than you think you should. Oh, and take your time!

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  2. 28 of 28 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I’ll try to clear up the incorrect size description, June 11, 2013

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This is the second Leather Wheel Skin I purchased from Amazon. Now I have two different sizes. From looking here and at Superior’s PDF brochure, here is how I came to a proper size conclusion. (Amazon’s description is off and I won’t waste my time letting them know because I have in the past and, regardless of what they sent me and product reviews that stated otherwise, Amazon insist their description is correct)

    When I ordered the first cover they showed a standard size and an «Extra Wide». I have a thin wheel (leather wrapped 82-89 Camaro Z28 wheel) so the Extra Wide would be way too wide. I ordered the Standard size and got a size «B». The Item number for that one was 58-0600B («B» in the item number being for the color, black). That one, with some padding added to the wheel so it would fit tight stretched out to 3 7/8″. This second cover is item number 58-0650B and it is size «A». Its not on the wheel yet and right from the box it measures about 3 1/4″. Size «A» shows up to 3 1/2 which is good because the leather will stretch and be tight on the right size wheel.

    Item Number 58-0650 would be a size «A» (Grip size 3 1/4″-3 1/2″)
    Item number 58-0600 would be a size «B» (Grip size 3 5/8″-3 7/8″)
    I don’t know what item number size «C» would have.

    As for what I used for padding to make the larger cover fit tight, I took some of the packaging foam material that you may find wrapped around aluminum parts to protect them and cut it into a strip to go around the wheel.

    Other than sizing confusion, the cover is a pretty good piece of leather. The first one I did, I did in the cross stitch. Its important to do a few stitches and then go back and, with a small hook tool (radiator hose tool), pull the stitches tight again. Hook the stitch, press the thread to the tool with your thumb and lightly tug to tighten the threads. This took a long time (with a few breaks in between) but made the wrap super tight and did not break the thread or tear the leather. Keep going back to tighten the stitches and as you go further, the stitches further back will remain tight.
    No reason to deduct any stars for the item due to the poor sizing description.

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  3. 183 of 188 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Install tips, June 10, 2010
    A. C. Bevan (Georgia) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I’ve installed three of these and enjoy them once installed, but installation is time consuming. Some things I’ve learned may be helpful.
    Before attempting installation:
    1) Get a some extra heavy-duty needles. The needles break under the stresses required for installation.
    2) Needle nose pliers help with difficult/stuck needle threadings. Have them ready.
    3) The tiny holes punched in leather are insufficient for needles to easily locate and penetrate leather. Before installation, use a thin pick (with handle) or similar tool (narrow awl tip??) to prep each hole in the leather by inserting it partially into holes stretching leather holes enough to create better defined holes. This will make installation less frustrating and many fewer broken needles / needle injuries..
    4) Prepare tips of pointer finger or thumb with protection needed to push needle through leather snags a hundred times. I taped my fingertips with layers of masking tape. Hey, it worked! My fingers were too big for a thimble.
    5) Have a small hook with handle (small pick style hook with handle is perfect) to tighten laces after every few loops (the hook acts like your finger would hooking shoestrings and drawing tight while lacing your shoes. This tightening while lacing will prevent the final wrap from fitting loose and sloppy on the wheel.
    6) If you are concerned about loose slippery fit such as fitting over a slick wheel or thin wheel consider prepping your steering wheel with a wrap of friction tape before installing leather cover.

    Plan on four hours for your installation. I realize some claim less time, but frankly I doubt it. It’s not terribly difficult if your are prepared, but it is a slow and tedious process – especially at the beginning where each loop requires several feet of thread be pulled. Don’t give up, things speed up as you progress.

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